Meet the team


Xavier Lepercq

Co-founder – Technical manager

Mayeul van den Broek

Co-founder – Project manager

Benoît Gaudiot

Co-founder – Pilot

Xavier Lepercq

Mechanical Engineer specialized in structure mechanics, graduated from EPFL in 2017, he performed a master thesis at Thales Alenia Space aiming at simulating a complex composite structure. Xavier is the chief engineer of SP80. Thanks to his creativity, engineering skills and multiple experiences in marine and composite material automated manufacturing, he developed a program to predict the boat behavior and coordinates the different teams on all technical topics related to the boat's development.

Fluid dynamics

Charles de Sarnez

Team leader

Adrien Peltier

Manon Konings

Rafael Fuzzati

Jules Angebault

Hugo Witz

Antoine Vittet


Aurore Kerr

Team Leader

Augustin Million

Baptiste Bayle

Blaise Ribon

Mathieu Janier

Arto Dubuisson

Francesco Saint-Supéry

Antoine Laperriere

Matthieu Spoorenberg


Charles Cantenot

Team leader

Tanguy Desjardin

Team leader

Sébastien Azevedo

Gabriel Madie

Pauline Nicolas

Nina Lahellec

Clarisse Coulombeau

Guilhem Cabannes


Romain Paridant

Team leader

Florentin Fellay

Romain Bezeaud

Thomas Velin

Audrey Piccini

Damien Delespaul


Benjamin Bonnal

Team leader

Isaac Holmes-Gentle

Ilyes Ben Ayed

Karim Zahra


Laura Manon

Team leader

Aurore Kerr

Guillaume Fischer

Anaëlle Manon

Sasha Gutenmacher

Zoé Daguin

Océane Suchel

Tanguy Desjardin

Pauline Nicolas

Marine Ract

EPFL coordinators

Véronique Michaud

Associate professor and head of Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (LPAC)

Robin Amacher

Scientist and DLL operations manager


Ghislain Asin

Joao Barini

Gabriel Bessette

Adrian Breitenmoser

Alexis Couturier

Nicolas Feppon

Georges-Henri Gaillard

Tim Grimont

Xavier Groux

Lison Marthey

Michel Morales

Etienne Mordret

Marius de Mourgues

Adrien Ninin

Hugo Penichou

Timothée Peter

Thomas Ramseier

Fabrice Rigot

David Sanchez

Aurèle Schlegel

Basile Thiercelin

César Toussaint

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