Our vision

Created in 2018, SP80 is a team composed of EPFL students and Alumni that passionately believe that through the combination of sailing, kitesurfing and engineering principles, they can significantly outperform the standing sailing speed record. Gathering members with strong experiences in high speed sailing and engineering, the team has been working since then on the design of a pioneer kite-boat to take up this challenge.




« Just like with the sound barrier, once you’re through, you’re through, and the equation for doing 100 knots or greater will have been written. »

Paul Larsen, current Worl Sailing Speed Record holder

Our concept

To make our mark on speed sailing history, SP80’s design has optimized the balance between key design factors, while abiding by the rules of the World Speed Sailing Record Council. With its design born from this study and thanks to an innovative mechanical system to manage the power of the kite, the boat will be  able to achieve high speeds while remaining naturally stable in every type of conditions.

Hours of design


Boat weight

Crew member

Target speed

A journey to bring the World Sailing Speed Record back in Europe

Our team

Sharing a common passion for innovation and speed sailing, the team was built around EPFL, gathering engineers and students with diverse profiles to create this great team.

Xavier Lepercq

Xavier Lepercq

Co-Founder - Chief Engineer

Mayeul van den Broek

Mayeul van den Broek

Co-Founder - Project Manager

Benoît Gaudiot

Benoît Gaudiot

Co-Founder - Sailor

Adrian Breitenmoser

Adrian Breitenmoser

Mechanical Systems Responsible

Romain Paridant

Romain Paridant

Management & Composite Mechanics

Zoé Daguin

Zoé Daguin

Management & Fluid Mechanics

Arthur Girard

Arthur Girard

Structure Engineer

Aurore Kerr

Aurore Kerr

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Benjamin Bonnal

Benjamin Bonnal

Telemetry & Electrical Systems

Timothée Peter

Timothée Peter

Embedded Electronics Responsible

They support us

« L’équipe SP80 a l’étoffe des chasseurs de records : une énorme motivation, des connaissances pointues et déjà une solide expérience, le tout au service d’une démarche rigoureuse. Leur concept intègre les points-clés de leurs prédécesseurs et une bonne dose de nouveauté pour se projeter dans le futur. »

Robin Amacher

EPFL Naval Architect

« Le projet SP80 est original et novateur; il est l’initiative d’étudiants passionnés et compétents, déterminés à s’entourer des meilleurs spécialistes, tant au niveau académique que sportif ou marketing.
SP80 est ambitieux. Au-delà des records visés, il détient le potentiel d’améliorer l’efficience énergétique en matière de transport maritime. Ce n’est pas juste une tentative de record, mais aussi un pas en direction d’un monde meilleur. »

Bernard Schopfer

Maxcomm Founder

Our partners

They have already joined the quest and are now working alongside us to take up this great challenge !

Contact us

You are interested in SP80 and the vision we believe in, you want to take part in this challenge or simply want to learn more about the project ? Don’t hesitate and contact us now !





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