BMW Switzerland, official sponsor and car supplier for the team

August 8, 2023

BMW Switzerland joins the quest for the world sailing speed record as financial sponsor and official car supplier, supporting the team with two BMW plug-in hybrid cars.

A key partnership to ensure smooth navigations

With the boat’s construction completed and an imminent launch on water, the quest is taking a new dimension and new logistical challenges are emerging: while SP80 is based in Switzerland, the chosen record spot (where the boat will sail before the end of this summer) is in Leucate, South of France.

BMW Switzerland‘s support will enable the team to move swiftly between Swiss and France, and will also make sailing in Leucate a lot easier logistically: on site, the distances between the team’s accomodation, offices, port and record spot are quite significant! Being able to get around easily between all these places is a crucial issue if the boat is to sail as much as possible, and therefore be ready as quickly as possible for the world record.