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SP80 & GIN KITEBOARDING An exciting challenge!

After showing you our boat for the World Sailing Speed Record, it’s time to tell you more about our kites! We’re joining forces with the Swiss brand Gin Kiteboarding to conceive tailored kites able to pull our boat to 80 knots (150km/h) by 2023. Big kites controlled with a wheel from a closed cockpit: the challenge is exciting !

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Finding our vision in an ocean of possibilities

Finding our vision in an ocean of possibilities

In this article series, Xavier Lepercq, SP80 co-founder and technical manager, shares his thoughts on boat design, speed sailing, and the world speed record. Reaching 80 knots on the water with the wind as sole source of power is an incredible technical challenge. The pursuit to break the world speed record has led him to question architectural codes that are currently the standard within the sailing world.

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